In The Eye of the Beholder

During the COVID lockdown, I’ve not done much photography. I’ve done other stuff though, including organising 10TB of photos, editing, backing up, catagorising, publishing. I’m better organised than ever before.

I’ve also done something else I’ve been thinking about for a while. Producing a book of my best photos to date. To be fair, it was largely prompted by a Groupon voucher that allowed me to produce an A4 hardback, 60 page, 120 photograph photo book for about £10. I’ve yet to see the results, but I am hopeful it will be at least reasonable quality. I even splashed out for a padded cover for an extra £2.

It’s not often that I print photos out. I have a couple hung on walls round the house, but I’m always put off by the cost and whether the photos I take are worth hanging. I’m not so sure street photography is the stuff you hang, and I’m not so sure a picture of a pretty redheaded female will sit well with my wife.

However, I’m determined to feature round my house, more of my work. It’s work I’m proud of. To help with this I recently purchased a new colour printer (the previous one was a budget Canon printer about 12 years old now, albeit it has given me sterling service). The new one will print A3 or panoramic and the ink costs, which is often the costly bit, are just a few pence per print. The only real cost is in the paper, together with a frame which is reusable.

Now the shops are finally open once more, I am off to buy some decent sized frames. I already have the paper waiting, so just need to select some images and our house will look like a gallery.

Seeing my photos on a website, is satisfying. Seeing them hung on the wall and people admire them, is even more satisfying.


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