New, Second Hand, Grey?


I’ve just bought a new camera body. I bought new because it is a brand new model and there are no second hand ones available. If there were, I have two choices for buying. New or second hand.

I prefer new when I can because, well, its new, not used, abused, damaged or faulty etc. But sometimes I can’t afford new so the choice is second hand or wait. I don’t mind waiting, I like the anticipation. But there is another option, grey market.

The grey market is where you buy from outside of your own country, often from China, where you don’t get the manufacturers warranty (you do with some companies, but not all) but you get a brand new item. Buying grey market avoids some of the costs that can be incurred buying locally and is therefore normally much cheaper.

The camera I just bought was £250 less from China than locally. I had to wait an extra week, and the warranty is from the Chinese company, but is it much different than buying second hand? The price of grey will be similar to second hand, but its NEW. The warranty is from the company, but that is similar to buying second hand from a shop.  
If you need a grey market repair, you might have to ship it back to China for repair, although some better ones have repair outlets in your home country. 

The majority of my stuff is grey market, because it works (for me so far). Yes it carries more risk, but stuff seems to be built well these days and I’ve never had anything fail on me so far. If I did get a problem, I might revise my opinion, but for now, it works.

That £250 for me is a significant amount. It could pay for all sorts of things that would otherwise just go towards a companies profits.

I like to buy local, but I’m not that loyal to local companies; no company is loyal to me. Price is king and I will make my money work for me as best as I can.

Am I being mercenary? Maybe. Just give me a good deal and I’ll have it, wherever you are.

You can see some of my photos on my website. But wear sun glasses because they are dazzling


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