Goodbye Canon, Hello Fuji. Sort of

My budget is always a limiting factor, mainly because I don’t usually have one. But it’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. After using the X100s I realised the following:

  • The Fuji APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor is fantastic
  • Full frame isn’t essential to get a superb quality image
  • There were now cameras that were potentially within my reach that produced the kind of image quality I was desperate for
  • I LOVE manual controls.

I loved my Canon 7D. Just about everything about it was brilliant apart from:

  • It wasn’t full frame and I felt like I was missing out
  • Low light capabilities were not great
  • I hate making adjustments via menus
  • It was getting heavy

So when the X-T1 was announced, I was drooling. It had loads of manual controls, just like the X100s, it was relatively lightweight, it was almost full frame quality, the lens range was amazing and getting bigger fast, Fuji kept firmware updated so I wasn’t feeling completely left behind with every new model. It was a beautiful looking camera. I didn’t need it, I just wanted it.

The problem was, I’d invested very heavily in Canon. I couldn’t afford to start building a lens collection for Fuji as well. And I hate selling on for a fraction of what I paid. Financially, it didn’t make sense. But so what? I bought an X-T1 with kit lens.

It’s brilliant, a real joy to use. It looks great, feels great, sounds okay. And I now want the same range of lenses for it I had with my Canon. Oh dear.

So far I’ve bought two; the 35mm and 50-140mm zoom. Both are superb lenses, as is the kit lens.  I want the 10-24mm wide angle zoom and the 56mm prime lens. For starters. And obviously a second body. It’s nice to want, and I will probably be wanting for a while, if not forever. But I am happy with what I have at the moment and really enjoying using them.

So what about the Canon? I part exchanged my 70-300m L lens to get the 50-140 Fujinon lens but still have a good wide to mid-range selection. Part of me says, sell all the Canon stuff and commit to Fuji. But do you know what? I have to admit the Fuji focussing is inferior and that niggles me. If I wanted to do some fast work e.g. sports, the camera I would take very time is the Canon. It just works whereas the Fuji is hit and miss. So although I am totally in love with Fuji, it still lacks a bit. And for that, Canon is not dead.

The X-T3, when it arrives in about 3 years, will hopefully deal with the focussing. But until then, my 7D stays with me. And I still get a thrill when I pick it up and look through the viewfinder and hear that wonderful sound when I press the shutter release.

You can see some of my photos on my website. But wear sun glasses because they are dazzling


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